LOPD audit, Lleida, Catalunya, Spain


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LOPD audit, Lleida, Catalunya, Spain

7 Apr, 17

Process of adaptation and audit of the LOPD

If you have not yet adapted your company to the requirements of Royal Decree 1720/2007, known as the Personal Data Protection Law or LOPD, at Edor Team Soft Lleida SL we offer you the complete adaptation service to it. Keep in mind that if you are a self-employed person, you must also adapt your business to the requirements of this Royal Decree, since you carry out commercial activity. Regardless of whether you are in our city, Lleida, or any other location in our country, we can offer you the best LOPD adaptation service thanks to our unique tools.

It is important at the time of hiring the LOPD adaptation service, of all the options available to you, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Therefore, we present below the different steps that we carry out in our company to adapt the LOPD for any of our service users.

Lopd Lleida, data collection

The data collection process

First of all, once the service has been contracted, one of our LOPD implementation experts gets in touch with our client. Either in person in Lleida, Madrid or surroundings. This contact establishes the day that the data collection will take place, necessary to be able to proceed to the next point in our process.

Data processing

Once the data collection of our client is completed, we enter the data collected in our LOPD management program. This allows us to offer availability of the data provided for any time that they need to make any changes or obtain any of the necessary contracts for the company.

Then, once the data provided is available in our system, we generate the contracts and documents that are necessary for the organization contracting the service. These are provided electronically or by ordinary mail, according to the needs and wishes of each client.

This documentation is incorporated into our database and history of digital documents.

Notification to the data protection agency

The next step is to notify the Agency of protection of data , what files the company has, are those that contain personal data. In this notification, the level of the data contained in these files is also established.

Let us remember that, for the agency, a file is not a file like the ones we know in the computer environment. A customer file can not only be a spreadsheet with names and data, but it can also be a program dedicated to managing this type of data with multiple associated files.

Training included with the service

Once all these steps have been completed, we introduce the way the organization has to act when any of the different situations in the company occur, which may be related to the LOPD. Termination of an employee, ARCO right requested by a client, etc. For continuous maintenance and access to the security document by the service requestor, we provide access to the security document online. Through this remote access, changes to the security document are made immediately. At the end of our intervention, the implementation of the requirements and corrective actions necessary for the company is carried out. Location of posters and information sheets, installation of software to adapt to the LOPD, backup systems, installation of firewalls and antivirus software, etc. Finally, the corrective measures and requirements carried out and implemented in the company environment are inspected. Finally, the company is notified that, after one year of making this adaptation, an annual review will be carried out to ensure that the content of the stored data continues to be valid. After two years, in addition to the review process, an audit process will be carried out in the company to certify the veracity of the data present in the security document.

Adaptation in Lleida and surroundings

If the process of adaptation to the LOPD is carried out in the province of Lleida and / or its surroundings, we can go to your company or organization to carry out the different steps that have been explained in this process.

Both the data collection process and the implementation of the different corrective measures and / or recommendations can be carried out in person at your company when necessary.

Adaptation in Madrid and surroundings

Our representative in Madrid will contact your company to agree on when to collect data from your organization. The data will be sent securely to our headquarters, to be processed and analyzed. Once the relevant contracts and documents have been generated, it may be carried out in person or remotely, according to the agreed conditions, the implementation of the necessary measures for the adaptation of the LOPD to your company.

Adaptation in the rest of Spain

If we do not have a distributor of ours in your territorial area, we will contact your company to agree on when to collect data from your organization by phone. Once the contracts and documents have been generated, they will be sent through courier services.

Regarding the implementation of the necessary measures for the adaptation of the LOPD to your company, these would be carried out remotely using remote control software with total confidentiality and security.


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