IT security for companies

IT consulting in cybersecurity

Get the most efficient IT solution for your company

Adapt your company or SME to the latest technology and improvement in information management n with Edorteam. We study and analyze the computer security needs of your company so that it meets all the requirements with the minimum necessary investment.


Computer and communications networks


IT processes and systems development


Cybersecurity training for your professional team

IT security for companies
IT security consulting for companies and SMEs

Protect your business with a cybersecurity audit

Count on an expert hand to identify and resolve digital security challenges those your business faces. Can you ensure that the IT security of your business is always up to date? Do you have updated protocols in case of an internal security breach? And in case of cyberattack or ransomware?

Do not leave these threats to chance, the best computer security solution is the prevention : the guarantee that if something goes wrong, you will have the tools needed to prevent, mitigate or fix the consequences.

Computer consulting services catalog


Network and communication systems

  • Computer networks
  • Telematic and high-speed networks
  • Telecommunications systems and services
  • Internet and company management from the network of networks

IT processes and systems development

  • Project management
  • Information management for decision making
  • Reengineering of existing software
  • Management software programs adaptable to the needs of the company
  • Open systems and interoperability

Cybersecurity training for your professional team

  • Personal data protection courses for the security manager
  • Courses for correct document management in offices and offices
  • Tailor-made training actions on information management and security for the workforce

New obligations in cybersecurity for essential companies

In January 2021, Royal Decree 43/2021 came into force, a milestone for business cybersecurity.

Download our e-book and find out what measures you should apply and if you are an affected company.

We ensure the IT security of your company

With the Plan CISO Asesor we take care that the security of the information and networks of your business is always up to date through periodic analysis and constant updating of its systems.

Invest in cybersecurity and protect your data.

We are computer security software developers

At Edorteam we not only advise and guide you in improving the digital security of your company, we are also developers of software solutions.

Global security for LOPD and productivity

  • Global security solution LOPD
  • Safe and efficient time registration
  • Monitor work activity
  • Limit the internet and access the history

Secure encryption of your files and devices

  • Secure encryption of all types of files
  • Encrypted email delivery
  • Online decryptor for third parties
  • Ability to encrypt USB drives

Your online office,
wherever you are

  • Collaborative cloud work environment
  • Share files safely
  • Make safe deliveries to your customers
  • Your documentary fund in the cloud

All the data on your device in the cloud

  • Backup all your data in the cloud
  • Also copy your email
  • Encrypted and confidential storage
  • Technical support 24 hours, 365 days