IT services for companies

Complete business IT management

Your corporate network and its IT equipment, always up to date

IT services for all types of companies and SMEs. Leave the set-up and maintenance of your computer network in our hands. Forget about managing inopportune computer breakdowns or performance problems. In addition, with our technical support via remote control, we solve incidents as soon as possible.

IT services for companies

IT services for companies

Comprehensive management of everything related to computer network of your company, in any operating system, don’t worry!

Technical support service

Our technical assistance team will attend and will solve any incident during your business activity.

IT management and computer equipment for companies

Having the corporate network and its respective equipment properly updated is essential for the digital security of any company.

Avoid unforeseen stops and loss of information

Your computer system could be at risk if it is not up to date

Every company faces multiple threats in the field of computing . If the appropriate measures are not taken, it is a matter of time before one or more of these situations occur:

Virus or malware infection of one or more computers

Sudden equipment failure, affecting daily activity and planning

Loss of stored information or important emails

Malfunction or slowness of computer equipment, affecting productivity

Compatibility issues when sharing or receiving files with third parties

Technical problems with peripherals: printers, scanners, projectors ...

Violation of security and exposure of private data contained

Complete enterprise hardware solution

Comprehensive hardware service, ideal for equip and maintain your entire company . We sell, install, maintain and repair servers, computer equipment, printers, scanners, peripherals, barcode readers …

We study and analyze the needs of your company to find the more efficient computing solution .

Installation of corporate networks

The implementation of a corporate network is essential in any company. With it you can share resources, applications, and transmit information between computers. We install computer networks for companies both in local environments as multi-site .

Likewise, for companies that telecommute, we remotely install secure VPN network connections in the homes of the workers. The connection via VPN guarantees that all the information that is transmitted is encrypted and protected.

Management of operating systems and software

Leave in our hands the start-up of your computers, with any of the operating systems on the market.

It is vitally important that your company’s computing environment is always up to date, both operating system and software. Upgraded equipment prevent security vulnerabilities and loss of information .

Distributors of the best antivirus solutions

During the workday, we connect to countless websites and open emails that could be affected by viruses or malware . Faced with human error, it is essential to have an effective and updated antivirus in our systems.

We are distributors of the major antivirus brands : Norman, Mcafee, Symantec, Kaspersky, Computer Associates, and Trend Micro.

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Do you need further assistance?

Tell us about technological needs for your business. Tell us about your company's technological needs you may have to interview. We'll study your case to offer expert IT services for your business.

When you need us, we will be there

Our portfolio of IT services includes specialized technical assistance

The technical assistance service is agile and assertive thanks to the fact that we solve the majority of incidents through remote control .

Remote control assistance

The more agile, comfortable and immediate option for the resolution of incidents:

  • One of our technicians connects via remote access to the computer with problems and solves them instantly, without you having to take care of anything. You can see how he works or go for a coffee.
  • You will be able to see the actions we carry out on the screen and we will explain to you live how we are solving the problem.
  • In addition, you will not have to wait for a technician to travel to your company.
  • It is the most comfortable, fast and effective solution!

Face-to-face assistance

If it is a physical problem with the computer that requires replacing components or repairing it (or simply if you prefer) our technician will travel to your company to solve the problem.

This option is also recommended if there are several computers that need technical support. Also if you have to install new devices that do not yet have an internet connection. Do not worry about anything, our technicians will assess if the problem can be solved remotely or if it is more advisable to travel. They will always prioritize quality and speed of service.

Computer support for companies and SMEs

Our technicians will assess if the problem can be solved remotely or if it is more advisable to travel. They will always prioritize quality and speed of service.