LSSI-CE consulting for your website

We audit your website so that it complies with the LSSI-CE

Legal notice, privacy policy and cookie law appropriate to your company

The correct application of the LSSI-CE is often a pending issue in companies. In many cases we find automatically generated or copied legal notices from other websites which, in all probability, does not comply with the law and, therefore, having them is of no use.

In Edorteam we audit your website and we draft the legal texts according to the characteristics of your business:


Legal notice and privacy policy


Cookies policy and consent notice in accordance with the 2020 regulations


Contracting conditions, secure payment and shipping and return for e-commerce stores

LSSI-CE consulting for your website

LSSI-CE Consulting

Check if your website complies with the LSSI-CE through a personalized audit.

Keep in mind that if you do Advertise electronically or sell online you must meet additional obligations.

Cookie regulations 2020

Only if your website uses Google Analytics you should already show the cookie consent notice to users.

Is your website up to date with changes in cookie regulations last year 2020?

Adaptation to the LSSI-CE for companies

Why should I show a legal notice on my website?

As established by the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), it is mandatory when any of these conditions are met:


If the website belongs to a company or freelance


If the website is a virtual store or offers professional services


If the website contains advertising

The objective of the legal notice is to identify the company that owns the website, including business name, NIF, commercial registration number and contact information, among others.

How is the legal notice different from the privacy policy?

The privacy policy is a document where information about how the company obtains, processes and handles the data personal data of your website users and your customers.

There are corporate websites with powerful online marketing tools that collect all kinds of personal data about the user for use in advertising, while others only count the visits to their website without further pretense. Based on that, the privacy policy will be different on each website.

Broadly speaking, the following should be reported:


The existence of a file where the personal data of the users are stored, indicating the legal ownership of that file


The purpose for which the stored personal data will be used


How a user can exercise their rights over their data: Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO)

LSSI consulting for companies: how is the legal notice different from the privacy policy?

Even if a company does not sell directly over the internet, if it obtains indirect income from a form on its website or by sending an e-mail, it must comply with the obligations of the LSSI-CE.

What are the penalties for not complying with the LSSI-CE?

In short, any website focused on offering products and services must always display a legal notice, privacy policy, and cookie notice. Your ultimate goal is establish a business relationship with its clients, so at some point or another it will collect personal data.

Failure to apply the requirements described in the LSSI-CE may lead to a series of penalties depending on the level of severity incurred. We will describe them below.

Penalties of 150,000 to 600,000 euros

Breach of the obligation to suspend transmission, data hosting, access to the network or the provision of any other equivalent service when ordered by a competent administrative body.

Penalties of 30,000 to 150,000 euros

  • Significant breach of the duty of information or concealment of prices.
  • Mass sending of commercial communications.
  • Significant breach of non-compliance with the revocation of the consent given by the recipients.
  • Failure to make available to the recipient the conditions to which the contract will be subject.
  • The resistance or refusal to the inspection action.

Penalties of up to 30,000 euros

  • Breach of the duty of information.
  • Breach of the advertiser’s identification.
  • Sending unauthorized commercial communications.
  • Not providing the contracting conditions in advance.

Do you need personalized advice?

Tell us about your company's current situation and legal doubts you may have. We will call you and analyze your case to assess whether your company has any compliance issues.

What do we offer you with the LSSI-CE consulting service?

Analysis of your current website and its purpose

We carry out a personalized study of your website, whatever its purpose: informative, commercial, informative … If your website already has the legal documents, we check and update them.

Analysis of the cookies used by your website and their purpose

We analyze the cookies used by your website (classification and determination of the level of intrusion) and we issue an audit report including the observed facts and the corrective measures to be adopted, if necessary.

Drafting or updating of existing legal texts

After an exhaustive study of your website, the legal texts that correspond to the reality of your business will be drawn up:

  • Drafting of the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy.
  • Drafting of the Cookies Policy and the Cookie Banner.
  • In the case of e-commerce sites: drafting of the general contracting conditions (secure payment, shipments, returns …)
  • In the case of sending newsletter: drafting of specific clauses.
How to change the cookie notice of a web page

And if you want, we make the changes to your website

In order to offer a comprehensive service to our clients, we take care of make the necessary changes to your website to include the new legal documents and update the cookie consent banner in accordance with current regulations, from the past year 2020.

Due to our multidisciplinary nature as a software and legal consulting company, we have programmers and web developers on our team to update your website.

In case your company has an internal or external web administrator, we will offer the necessary help to make the changes correctly.