Compliance consulting – Criminal Risk Prevention for SMEs

Avoid sanctions with a Compliance plan

Protect your company from criminal liability

If an employee or partner committed a crime within the business’ activiy, your company will be subjected to trial and declared criminally responsible, facing high fines or even its closure. With a Compliance plan you can proof due diligence and avoid sanctions. Read on and find out how.


Avoid sanctions and fines to your company


100% online management with minimum dedication time


Also SMEs and Foundations need a Compliance plan

Compliance consulting – Criminal Risk Prevention for SMEs

Is my business at risk?

Any type of business can be criminally liable for the acts of its employees or partners. Criminal risk can be determined by multiple factors, which is why we have designed this simple online test.

Answer some questions (in spanish language) and find out if your company must have a Compliance plan.

Compliance Software

Our multidisciplinary nature as a software and legal consulting company allows us to offer professional Compliance service.

After plan implementation, you will supervise its fulfillment with minimum dedication time thanks to an online software.

What is Compliance?

What is Compliance?

Is a system of checks and balances through which a reasonable effort is made to identify potential non-compliance issuesregarding applicable laws and regulations, and to eliminate or mitigate those issues.

Regulatory compliance is intended to prevent corruption cases and bad practices during business activity, as well as favoring transparency.

It covers compliance with laws such as GDPR, money laundering prevention, environmental protection, health and safety regulations, stock market …

What are the risks of not having a Compliance plan?

In Spain, after Penal Code’s reform in 2015, a legal person will be criminally liable for crimes committed by natural persons who are part of their company , with this it refers to partners, management positions and any worker or collaborator who makes use of their means, even if the crime is intentional.

Important financial penalties.

Sales point closure.

Business' activity closure.

Business' definitive dissolution.

Your business can avoid these responsibilities by proving due diligence thanks to a compliance plan.

What is Compliance for?

Do you need personalized advice?

Tell us about your company's current situation and legal doubts you may have. We will call you and analyze your case to assess whether your company has any compliance issues.

What do you get with a Compliance plan?

Avoid criminal responsibility for crimes committed by your employees

You will avoid important fines, penalties and salespoint closures that would put in serious danger your business’ future and heritage.

Commitment to ethical practices by your employees and partners

You will get a perfectly structured Compliance plan, which will protect your company from penalties and fines, turning an expense into an investment.

Good practices code that will improve business productivity

Good practices code will improve your employees confidence in your company, increasing productivity and external perception.

Monitoring and supervision through an online software

Our work does not end at Compliance plan implementation. With our software solutions, your company will control its correct appliance with an Edorteam consultant’s help

Service includes online Compliance management software

Through this cloud software you will manage everything related to Compliance plan. In addition, service includes an online whistleblower channel app, mandatory for all companies with more than 50 employees in Spain.

Featured features

Supervision tool for your Compliance Officer

Anonymous and online whistleblower channel app for your employees


Support channel with your Edorteam consultant


All documentation will be centralized and cloud securized

Your Compliance plan will be UNE 19601 Standard compliant

UNE 19601 it’s the national standard of Criminal Compliance by the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE).

With Edorteam, as legal consulting specialists, you will implement a compliance plan which is compliant with UNE 19601 Standard and this will be certifiable by an independent third party.

We even provide an online Whistleblower channel that allows traceability, anonymity, security and efficiency before other systems developed by competitors.

UNE Criminal Compliance Standard

Keep reading more on our specialized website

In our Compliance website you can read more detailed information: frequently asked questions, current legislation and phases to follow for its implementation.

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