Companies ready for the new GDPR?


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Companies ready for the new GDPR?

28 Sep, 17

Are European companies prepared to assume the obligations of the new GDPR?


el nuevo RGPD entra en vigor el 25 mayo de 2018


A KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY study affirms that the 62% of European companies lose confidential data due to the loss of USB memory sticks. Most companies do not include the control of these memory devices in their data protection policies. The study highlights as alarming the fact that the 52% of respondents acknowledge that their companies do not consider the protection of confidential and sensitive information downloaded and temporarily stored on USB sticks a high priority.

With the mandatory application of the new General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 the next May 25, 2018 it will be necessary to do a chip change , and adapt our companies to the new requirements of European regulations, such as the mandatory completion of a Risks evaluation that considers in a special way the analysis of the treatments in the data or the obligation in the encryption of files.

Updating privacy rights to new technological realities is completely necessary, although the hierarchy of priorities of companies is worrying, even more so, considering the toughening of the sanctioning regime in European regulations.

The consequences

Non-adoption of the new regulation not only entails exposure to fines of up to 4% of global turnover of the company or 20 million euros but the reputational loss that calls into question the security and protection of user data.

Are we willing to take million-dollar penalties for losing an unencrypted memory stick? The subsistence of any digital business goes through the correct protection of personal data, and with it, the necessary adaptation to these new regulations.

Edor Team has developed a plan for the implementation of the RGPD in companies, guarantor of the correct implementation of the requirements and duties of the new European law. Feel free to contact Contact contact us and ask for your budget.


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