Document management in business development


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Document management in business development

14 Mar, 17

Document management for companies and freelancers

Document management as a vehicle element in business development

Companies can generate a large amount of information in their daily development. It does not have to be documentation generated by themselves, but by the simple fact of being open. Basically, companies have the documentation generated by their external services that allow it to remain open. Examples of this are bills for electricity, water, various suppliers, etc …

The most outstanding advantages when we decide to implement a document management can be seen below:

  • Optimization of processes. Having all the documentation in the same location will make it easier for us to obtain it in order to carry out the process associated with it.
  • Lower costs in production, distribution and conservation costs. The costs associated with information management are reduced. Having all the invoices received and issued to carry out the corresponding accounting may be positively affected by being able to dispose of it. Therefore, we will avoid the possibility of ignoring a record because it is not available at a certain time.
  • Improvement in the quality of customer service. We will have the documentation of a specific client instantly. In this way we will reduce the response time required for your attention. By reducing the response time for customer service, we will be able to serve a greater number of customers in less time.
  • Data mobility. Having a considerable amount of documents can affect the time necessary for the simple action of collecting them for treatment. Therefore, if we have the documentation in a document management, transferring a document for use is immediate. Additionally, if for whatever reason, access to documentation from a remote location is necessary, we will have the required documents available.
  • Risk reduction. Having documentation in physical format entails certain problems or risks in itself.
    • They can get lost, with the problem associated with the loss of documents
    • They can be damaged. If a document is in the wrong place, we may suffer its total or partial loss.
    • Access cost. In this format, it is required to travel to the storage location to be able to access it. Additionally, if it is required by multiple users, there is a delay in the access time to the document.
  • Increased efficiency. Consequently, having a document management of documents, multiple users can access them quickly and simultaneously.
  • Productivity improvements. The sum of all these advantages makes the productivity index of the employees increase by being able to carry out their tasks more quickly and with a reduction of risks associated with the lack of documentation.

Reference entities recommend the use of document management

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it should be noted that companies such as RICOH have carried out studies such as “ Organizational Blind Spot: The Role of Document-Driven Business Processes in Driving Top-Line Growth “[PDF] in which they extract these same conclusions. Sites like SMEs and Freelancers too they provide good arguments to consider document management within the company.

The management is so versatile that although we are autonomous, we will extract performance from a Document Management.

Edor Team Soft has created a document management software in the cloud

our company has been concerned with the realization of an online document management program for your company or organization. Since it is available from any location where you have an Internet connection, it can be accessed almost instantly.

From the moment you decide to incorporate GDocumental into your organization, you will already obtain a notable improvement in the handling of documentation due to the arguments set out above.

You can get more information in the product sheet of document management o GDocumental and from our contact page .


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