Web design company Madrid – WordPress and WooCommerce

Your company website or custom online store

100% functional web design, impressive and adapted to all devices

We design your website to measure and adapted to mobile devices. Are WordPress and WooCommerce specialists , get your online store with a unique and personalized design. We also offer services of email, domain registration and web hosting .

Web design company Madrid – WordPress and WooCommerce

Web page development

Create the website you have envisioned with our team of programmers and designers.

Hosting and email

We take care of all web services, including hosting, with our own network of servers.

Web design for companies and SMEs with an online store

Although your company does not have the objective of selling online, currently most of us like to advise us and compare products and services online. If your online presence is scarce or can be improved, you are losing customers.

The web presence is essential for any company

If you do not exist online, you are losing customers, whatever your business is

Today, the website of any business is its digital showcase open to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Companies whose website is merely face-to-face or is viewed visually out of date , they are losing customers even if they don’t know it: if a user visits your website but finds that loading too slow or does not work well on mobile devices , will leave and continue looking for other results. With the brutal competition that exists today on the internet, it is something that you cannot afford.

Before making any purchase decision, most users like b search and compare products and services , and this is currently done online. You might think that a small local business like a hair salon doesn’t need a huge online presence, but you’ll be losing potential customers that they will have searched and compared competing establishments that did have a good web presence .

Create with us any type of web project

We have a team of programmers and usability specialists to develop or renew your website on any of the most popular platforms:


Landing page or face-to-face web for SMEs and freelancers


Corporate website of self-managed services


Create online store or e-commerce website


Connect your existing online store to your company's CRM


Web of events and leisure activities with online registration


Web development for large companies with private intranet and all security measures

Design of applications in web environment

Get your website to convert visits into sales with the minimum necessary investment.

100% personalized web design: renew your website and improve your online presence

During the web design process you will be in constant contact with our professionals, so that the final result is always the desired one.

What will your new website be like with Edorteam?

Developing your web project with us means speed and efficiency : we avoid pre-made templates and adapt web design to your communication objectives, including your corporate identity. You will work hand in hand with programmers and designers specialized in usability, so your website will be attractive, functional and intuitive.


Striking and current design, enhancing the use of large images


Responsive design, adaptable to all mobile or tablet screen sizes


Optimization of loading speed to favor organic search engine positioning


Review and advice on content, also to promote positioning


Comfortable and functional online store that complies with electronic commerce laws

Do you need further assistance?

Tell us about technological needs for your business. Tell us about your company's technological needs you may have to interview. We'll study your case to offer expert IT services for your business.

Email and web hosting servers

Whether you need to create a new website or want to change your hosting provider, you can count on our web design services. If your website and email are hosted on another server and you want to change, we will take care of the transfer for your convenience.


Domain registration

Register with us the most popular domains:
.com, .es, .net, .cat, .biz. org, .info …


SSL security certificates

Have you noticed that a padlock icon appears in the address bar of your browser? If there is an open padlock on your website, it means that lacks an SSL security certificate . This is negative because the padlock alerts that this website may suffer security breaches, but don’t worry, we will help you solve this problem.

Web hosting

Host your website on our own network of servers, At Edorteam we are not intermediaries .


High security email accounts adjusted to your needs – Choose the number of accounts, the maximum capacity, etc. If you do not need web hosting but you do need to have emails under a specific domain, at Edorteam we do not force you to hire services that you are not going to use.

Renew your website and improve your online presence

As the main advantage, you will enjoy direct and personal attention with the technical support team, forget about generating a ticket or talking to automated response bots. Just pick up the phone and let us know how we can help you.