The new cookie regulations come into force on October 31, have you already adapted your website?


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The new cookie regulations come into force on October 31, have you already adapted your website?

19 Jul, 21

On July 28, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) updated the Cookies Guide, giving a period of three months to adjust to the new regulations (until October 31, 2020).

This modification is a response to the new guidelines of the European Data Protection Committee (CEPD), it implies that companies have to modify the cookie notice on all your websites , as well as its operation, implementing a cookie management tool.


What changes does the new cookie regulations entail?

  1. Eliminate the option to obtain consent through the option “continue browsing”
    The CEPD has considered that the option to “continue browsing” does not constitute in any case a valid form of consent , since such action can cause confusion to the user, so it is difficult to understand that consent is being given unequivocally (free and informed).
  2. The prohibition of the use of cookie walls if no alternative to consent is offered
    From now on, it will be forbidden limit access to certain sites or web content to which users who reject the use of cookies . For consent to be considered freely granted, access to the service and its functionalities must not be conditioned on consent to the use of cookies (unless these are technically necessary).
    However, the cookie walls or cookie walls under these conditions:
    • The user is adequately informed about it.
    • An alternative access to the service is offered without the need to accept the use of cookies.
    • This alternative service is “genuinely” equivalent to that offered on the web and is not offered by a third party.
  3. Changes in some aspects related to the revocation of consent
    As a last point, we can highlight that the AEPD modifies and clarifies some aspects related to the revocation of consent.


What should the cookie policy notice look like now?

The banner or pop up information on cookies must offer at least 2 options, if not 3:

  • “Reject Cookies” (or “Reject all cookies except those absolutely necessary”).
  • “Accept Cookies” me “Configure Cookies” .

This will allow the user to select the cookies that will be used during their visit. This notice must be translated into all languages offered by the website.

Once you have accepted the cookie notice, you can browse without it appearing again.

That being said, just remember that Cookies cannot be activated on a web page until the user consents and all policies and / or legal notes must be easily accessible from any tab.

Count on Edorteam to comply with the Cookie Law 2020

The deadline is here , and from Edorteam we work to verify that all our clients are adequate to the current obligations.

Although we are not the administrators of your website, we offer you our team of consultants specializing in data protection to evaluate if your website complies with the new regulations or, if on the contrary, you must make changes.

Contact us now and let’s get to work.

Let's check if your business is cookie law compliant

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