Our data at risk if we do not perform maintenance


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Our data at risk if we do not perform maintenance

18 Feb, 20

We cannot let our guard down. Our data remains at risk due to ransomware attacks. We want to highlight two news items that appeared in the media regarding new people affected by ransomware in two very different locations.

One in the UK that has forced Redcar and Cleveland city councils continue to work exclusively on pen and paper due to their systems being locked up by cryptolockers while they repair their systems. More information .

On the other hand, in the town hall of Arrigorriaga They have suffered the consequences of a cryptolocker introduced by fraudulent email that encouraged some user of the city council to run the software that started the whole problem without their knowledge.
More information .

On the other hand, more sophisticated attacks than those previously described perpetrated by automated systems are being detected.

These more serious attacks are directed to specific entities in which the data is of a critical level. Once they access the system, they proceed with the same information encryption methodology, but additionally obtain that data remotely. The blackmail to recover the data persists, but in this case it is more serious. If the affected party does not pay, the attackers are gradually spreading the personal data obtained on the network. This increases the pressure on the victim to pay.

ET-Backup online

The most effective security measures to prevent this type of incident are the following:

Technical measures

  • Dispose of offshored backups . These backups will be located outside of the usual work environment indirectly connected to the main system.
  • Have up-to-date paid antivirus in jobs that can act on email, the most common attack vector in this type of incident.
  • Have a computer infrastructure appropriate to our volume and budget, but without neglecting it.


  • Have a specialized technical team , internal or external, that is in charge of the maintenance of these systems periodically.
  • Have the latest updates operating system and applications, as they implement security fixes.
  • Migrate servers before the operating system stops having official support from from the developer. It is preferable to change to a new operating system that has a certain time of life so that the first security flaws present in it have been solved.


By implementing these measures, you will be saving in response time to incidents of all kinds, monetary capital, prestige capital and emotional stability.


In Edorteam we can provide you advice and service so that your company is protected in such a way that an intrusion in its systems supposes a slight annoyance.


Online backup service ET-Backup with accommodation in our data center, replicated in remote location. In this way, if something happens to us, we have your information safely.

Antivirus Management for intrusion prevention.

Maintenance of your systems , both servers, terminals and mobile devices.


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