More and more legal obligations for your company


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More and more legal obligations for your company

6 Mar, 22

Keeping your company’s regulatory compliance under control is becoming increasingly complex, as in recent years there have been constant changes in the legal framework, both at state and European level:

  • Personal data protection
  • Obligation of preventive cybersecurity measures.
  • Regulations for e-commerce
  • Prevention of money laundering
  • Workday registration
  • Wage gap reduction measures

In the digital and e-commerce era, most laws affect your company’s IT security. This means that is no longer sufficient with commissioning a consultancy and defining protocols for action: you also have to implement the necessary cybersecurity measures on all the company’s devices and train your team in good practices. This is the only way to effectively comply with the different regulations.


Your company’s compliance under control, it’s that easy!

At Edorteam you have both a legal department and an IT department specialist in cybersecurity solutions. This makes us one of the few spanish companies capable of offering a true end-to-end service: We not only establish the protocols for you to comply with the law, we also take care of implementing the solutions in your company.

Remember that we offer services for the fulfillment of…

You already know, with Edorteam you will coordinate regulatory compliance with efficiency and total peace of mind for you. Trust us to protect your company from administrative sanctions and fines.


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