Avoid information leakage, one of the biggest risks for companies


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Avoid information leakage, one of the biggest risks for companies

30 Dec, 16

The information leakage it is one of the biggest risks for companies. Implement protocols for Data Protection and corrective measures is essential for its prevention.

Our company is at risk for the mere fact of storing data. Unauthorized access to this information can cause our data to be damaged or stolen.

Since the data is stored on computer equipment, which can be found in our organization, or on third-party equipment, we must establish the appropriate measures to guarantee its security. It is essential that the staff of our organization must take responsibility for the containment and prevent the leakage of this data.

When the data is delegated to third parties or data transfers are made over non-secure networks such as the Internet, we will have the obligation to ensure that these companies have the appropriate security protocols and measures.

These data that we are mentioning may take the form of:

  • Client list.
  • Employee listings.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Rates or offers for our clients.
  • Strategic plans of our company.
  • Payroll.
  • Bank accounts
  • Others.

Technology and security

Technology and safety are two terms that can be difficult to balance for an agile work environment. If too many security restrictions are put in place, we will hamper the end user’s job. On the other hand, if we are very lax in security, the data could become accessible from an external network. This balance should preserve and protect the confidentiality , the availability and integrity of the information.

Implementation and implementation of security measures

More and more companies are becoming aware of the need to carry out a strategic plan around the security of their data.

Due to this trend and requirements, our technology department or the company to which we entrust this task, must implement these measures according to the type of data and the importance of these, prioritizing avoiding information leakage.

The Spanish state has developed the Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), with the aim of providing regulation on personal data. This mandatory law is a guide that, once applied, will provide a solid foundation to prevent information leaks.

The problem lies at the time of implementing the measures required by the LOPD. The operating system of the work desks of most Spanish companies, Windows, cannot implement part of the requirements in such a way that it can be inspected in an agile way.

Data containment

In order to make this task easier for system administrators, at Edorteam we have developed ET Security to cover confidentiality needs, according to the level of protection necessary for each case:

  • Identification requirement when running certain programs, ideal for environments with shared teams .
  • Monitoring access to documentation in shared environments. From a shared location, get to know what files they are being accessed from which user and which equipment is being used to access.
  • Restriction of use of USB devices. In the equipment that is necessary, block access to removable USB devices to prevent data leakage.
  • Screenshots to control user activity.
  • Activity log in applications, captures the name of the active window to obtain a activity Register global.

With the application of all these control points in your computer systems, you will be able to prevent the leakage of information from within your company or organization.

Global LOPD solution

Our flagship software solution for its unique security and productivity features on the market. If your company has already made the LOPD but does not protect its computer equipment with the requirements explained above, it is NOT complying with the law.

Data protection, availability and integrity

It is important to have a backup plan in place to ensure the availability and integrity of data in our business environment. If any type of attack or disaster occurs, it is important to prioritize data protection.

At Edorteam we can provide this with the software ET Backup , with the option of a 45-day trial period. This allows you to:

  • Recovery mechanisms in case of data damage. Either by human interaction or an error in the data storage system of our applications.
  • Set up multiple computers under the same account
  • Have a replicated remote copy with all the guarantees of recovery of your data.
  • Copy of most information systems
    • File System
    • SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Virtual machines
    • Exchange servers and / or mailboxes
  • Compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows, so all your information systems remain protected
  • Maximum security , encrypted and compressed backups.
  • Low data transfer volume. The data is compressed and only the modifications are transferred, being an incremental copy.

Get your company to be GDPR compliant

Since 2018, all European Union companies must be GDPR compliant. Although data protection laws already existed in Spain, GDPR introduces new regulations so therefore both must be applied.


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